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Drag Race Technology - Volume 5

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Pro Mod Camaro as well as an insight into the the Pro Street Hayabusa & Beetle Doorslammer. In conversation with Jimmy Prock as well as focus articles covering steering, suspension, brakes & power additives. 

£20.00 (£20.00)

November 2014

Behind the astonishing spectacle of professional drag racing is extreme engineering that is ultra-tightly focused but compared to other forms of motorsport no less complex for that. If anything the puzzle gets harder, the fewer are the variables that make the difference between winning and losing. The challenge of engineering and controlling the fastest accelerating vehicles in the world is thus a fascinating one that is revealed annually by Drag Race Technology. This publication uniquely gets to the nuts and bolts of a range of drag race cars, bikes and boats from around the world representing the state of the art in straight-line engineering and reveals the technologies that provide the winning edge.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Variety is the spice of life 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - A suspension revolution in Pro Stock 
  • Dossier: PRO MOD CAMARO -The UK’s fastest Pro Mod investigated 
  • In Conversation: JIMMY PROCK - Anne Proffit speaks to successful Funny Car crew chief 
  • Focus: SUSPENSION, STEERING AND BRAKES - Jon Scoltock looks at drag race suspension, tires and steering systems 
  • Profile: PRO STREET HAYABUSA - What does it take to build the fastest street legal bikes in the world 
  • Focus: POWER ADDERS - Lawrence Butcher investigates blowers, turbos and nitrous oxide 
  • Digest: BEETLE DOORSLAMMER - This diminutive VW is taking the fight to the V8s 
  • PS: FOUR WHEEL DRIVE DRAGSTER - Tommy Ivo’s four engined monster remembered

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