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F1 Race Technology - Volume 5

Highlights in this issue include Insights into Toyota's F1 wind tunnel technology and the 2010 Red Bull-Renault and Focus articles covering Brakes and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. 

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May 2011

No matter how good a driver is, in technology-led Formula One he is at the mercy of the competitiveness of his car. What are the factors that make a car capable of running at a competitive pace in qualifying and the race? 

Although there is much secrecy in Formula One, each year this in depth review of the sport’s engineering gets below the sponsors liveries to explain precisely what is going on at the heart of the machines and the secrets of those that are quick.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - So long as there is anything other than a complete ‘spec’ car, Formula One engineers will continue to innovate
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Team strategies in 2011 for recouping downforce and exploiting exhaust discharge for improving diffuser efficiency
  • Focus: BRAKES - Ian Bamsey talks brakes with AP Racing’s Steve Bryan, who has unrivalled experience of the subject
  • Insight: 2010 RED BULL-RENAULT - Ian Bamsey and Paolo d’Alessio investigate what made the Red Bull RB6 the car of 2010
  • Review: 2010 - Ian Bamsey discusses key aspects of 2010 technology with half-a-dozen leading technical players
  • Focus: ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES - Lawrence Butcher reports on Formula One’s adoption of new machining processes, materials and prototyping techniques
  • Insight: TOYOTA’S WIND TUNNEL - We investigate the technical factors that prompted Ferrari to turn to Toyota’s Formula One wind tunnel in developing its 2011 car
  • Focus: SENSORS - Where in a Formula One car are sensors used, and what information do they give engineers? Lawrence Butcher finds out
  • GRAND PRIX PADDOCK - Lawrence Butcher reports from the Grand Prix paddock with a preview of the year’s technology
  • FORMULA ONE SUPPLIERS - Our listing of companies offering Formula One level products and services
  • PS: SOUTHGATE ON THE FIRST WING CAR - Extracts from Tony Southgate’s fascinating autobiography

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