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Motorcycle Race Technology - Special Report

Highlights include a look at the Ducati MotoGP bike, the Hydrex Honda, Moto2 and Rider Protection. 

£20.00 (£20.00)

November 2009

Motorcycle Race Technology puts the MotoGP engine into the context of the whole machine, explaining all aspects of the performance of the top machines. It also looks in-depth at the Superbike racers used in the World Superbike and AMA Championships. Featuring input from leading designers and race engineers, it identifies as never before the keys to success in these exciting forms of racing.

Contents are:

  • DUCATI – THE BIKE THAT ONLY CASEY CAN RIDE… - In the hands of Casey Stoner, and only Casey Stoner,the Ducati 800 is devastatingly quick.
  • SUPER BIKE – NEW BOYS IN SCHOOL - In 2009 two new boys walked into the World Superbikepaddock to try and make their mark
  • HYDREX HONDA – THE REVENGE OF THE AFTER MARKET - Factory equipment is usually needed to win Superbike races,Hydrex Honda raided the aftermarket instead.
  • 125 OR MOTO3? - 125 is the last of the old GP classes to remain but Honda have lodged a patent that might just change that
  • THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE - With CO2 levels on the rise and oil running out Electric race bikes are exactly what we need.
  • LEATHERS, FIBRE GLASS AND BODY ARMOUR.... - Rider protection in motorcycle racing has got a lot more sophisticated recently.
  • USA SUZUKI - The only thing familiar in American Superbikeracing this year was the name on top.
  • SUPERSPORT SURPRISE - Map Raceways Yamaha finished second in this year’sBritish Supersport Championship.
  • MOTO2 - The classic 250 GP class is being replaced in 2010 by a 600 cc four-stroke category. We consider the way you would build a bike.
  • PS - The world is changing.

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