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Race Engine Technology - Issue 016

Highlights in this issue include a Profile of TWR's Project 600 F1 V10, an Interview with BMW's Dr Mario Theissen and a Focus article covering Coatings.

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Issue 16 - July/August 2006

  • Report: LE MANS 2006 - How the Prototype and GT racing engines fared
  • Profile: TWR PROJECT 600 V10 - Inside an ultra-compact 3.0 litre Formula One engine
  • Interview: DR MARIO THEISSEN - Talking to the architect of BMW’s V8 Grand Prix bid
  • Insight: REM - Surface treatment for power and efficiency gains
  • Report: ENGINE EXPO 2006 - Racing technology at the annual Stuttgart showcase
  • Short Take: LIFE RACING PDU - A new technology electrical power distribution unit
  • Insight: CVT - Constantly variable transmission technology
  • Musings: IAN BAMSEY - 2006 Formula One V8 horsepower
  • Focus: COATINGS - Trends in advanced coatings
  • Moto Musings: NEIL SPALDING - Injecting KTM 125 and 250cc engines
  • INTERNATIONAL RACE ENGINE DIRECTORY: GRAND AM - The 2006 Daytona Prototype engine builders
  • PS: HART TURBO - David versus Goliath

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