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Race Engine Technology - Issue 019

Highlights in this issue include an Insight into AER's V8 and I4 Le Mans engines and Focus articles covering Piston Rings and Bore Surfaces. 

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Issue 19 - December 2006

  • In Conversation: PAOLO MARTINELLI - Talking to the Ferrari Formula One engine chief
  • Insight: AER V8 & I4 LE MANS ENGINES - Developing the 2006 LM2 winning engine
  • Motorcycle: ILMOR V4 MOTO GP ENGINE - The debut of the most sophisticated engine ever
  • Focus: PISTON RINGS & BORE SURFACE - Technology at the piston/cylinder interface
  • Preview: AUTOSPORT ENGINEERING - Hi-tech on show in the UK's Motorsport Valley
  • Dossier: PERFECT BORE & NASCAR - New technology at the heart of NASCAR engines
  • Insight: KMS ENGINE MANAGEMENT - Investigating a capable yet affordable system
  • Supply Chain: STEVE SCHMIDT RACING ENGINES - The development of NHRA Pro Stock engines
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology World
  • EXPO - News from suppliers to race engine builders
  • SHOPTALK - News from race engine companies
  • INTERNATIONAL RACE ENGINE DIRECTORY - The 2006 MotoGP engine builders
  • PS - Ilmor's first ever Grand Prix engine

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