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Race Engine Technology - Issue 028

Highlights in this issue include a Profile of Shaver's WOO V8, a Special Investigation into Cryogenics and a Focus article covering Pistons. 

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Issue 28 - February 2008

  • Q&A: ULRICH BARETZKY - The architect of Audi’s pioneering Le Mans V12 turbodiesel fields your questions on its technicalities
  • Letter from: AETC - The annual gathering of race engine builders ahead of the PRI show boasted plenty of interest once again
  • Profile: SHAVER WOO V8 - With more power than a Formula One car the World of Outlawsprovides spectacular V8 racing on dirt
  • Special Investigation: CRYOGENICS - Increasingly components are being frozen to extreme temperatures – can this really benefit them?
  • Motorcycle: YAMAHA’S SECRET? - Yamaha is taking a different engine development route in MotoGP – could this lead to direct injection?
  • Focus On: PISTONS - The piston is the heart of the engine – we look at 11 racing applications to check the state of the art
  • Insight: CRD PONTIAC - CRD’s V8 won the 2007 Grand-Am series; we go inside it to fi nd out how the company developed its components
  • The Challenge of: PRO STOCK - As NHRA Pro Stock engine speed has increased, we look at how all aspects of the valvetrain and porting have kept up
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • EXPO - News from PMWE & PRI
  • IRED: USAC MIDGET - The 2008 engine builders
  • PS: CHILI BOWL - Midget heaven!

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