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Race Engine Technology - Issue 031

Highlights in this issue include a visit to MBHPE, Insights into Mountain Motors and the Jordan-Suzuki WSB and a Special Investigation into F1 Energy Recovery Systems. 

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Issue 31 - June/July 2008

  • Raceshop: MERCEDES-BENZ HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES - We venture inside the Brixworth Technical Centre where McLaren’s Grand Prix winning V8 is built
  • Motorcycle: HONDA & PVRS - How Honda is targeting a major performance step through its second attempt at a Pneumatic Valve Return System in MotoGP
  • Insight: MOUNTAIN MOTORS - For some 7.0 litres is not enough – only 14 litres will do in the ceaseless quest for raw power, as we find out
  • Focus: SURFACE COATINGS - Our definitive guide to all types of advanced component surface coating for pistons, bores, valves, cams and so forth
  • Special Investigation: F1 ENERGY RECOVERY - What we can expect from Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems in 2009 and a pointer to future heat recovery systems
  • Insight: JORDAN-SUZUKI - The technology of the American team’s racing Superbike engine and how it is tackling the might of the factories
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • EXPO - News from Engine Expo
  • IRED: WORLD OF OUTLAWS - The 2008 engine builders
  • PS: ALUMINIUM-BERYLLIUM - Ilmor’s secret weapon

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