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Race Engine Technology - Issue 033

Highlights in this issue include Dossiers on Porsche's Le Mans gearbox, Porsche's LM P2 V8 and Porsche's LM GT2 Flat 6 plus a Focus article covering Crankshafts. 

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Issue 33 - September/October 2008

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Ian Bamsey reminds us that it is time for voting for the Race Engine of the Year. The trophies will be presented in Cologne this November…
  • Upfront: GRID - We consider development of Ford’s most powerful race engine ever, how Zytek is bringing KERS to Le Mans racing, and much more…
  • Techno Topic: COSWORTH’S T-HEAD - David Wood investigates a radical approach to head design taken by current Mercedes-Benz Formula One engine designer Andy Cowell
  • Interview: ROB WHITE - The Renault F1 engine boss talks about life under the specification freeze. Is there any development possible of the 19,000 rpm V8s?
  • Race Engine of the Year: 2008 AWARDS - Once more 50 of the world’s top race engine engineers are set to vote. Can the ‘Alternative Power’ category winner again prevail overall?
  • Dossier: PORSCHE LM P2 V8 - We delve deep inside the 3.4 litre V8 that dominated LM P2 at Le Mans. Revealed are all aspects of this winning technology
  • Dossier: PORSCHE LE MANS GEARBOX - We explore how Porsche replaced its synchromesh gearbox with more conventional fast-shift tech, producing LM P2 and GT2 versions
  • Dossier: PORSCHE LM GT2 FLAT 6 - We continue to chart the story of the Porsche Boxer Le Mans racing engine. First campaigned in 1967, the honing process continues…
  • Musings: IAN BAMSEY - The Editor considers the move to create a new Grand Prix formula – and how a strategy to build excess engines can pay dividends
  • Focus: CRANKSHAFTS - We consider the requirements of the racing engine crankshaft and look at the implications in terms of materials, design and production
  • Expo: PMWE - The Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne, Germany, is fast approaching. We investigate what to expect at this growing trade show
  • Dossier: YGK LM P1 V8 - We look in depth at the customer Le Mans turbo V8 designed by the architect of the most powerful engine ever to contest the 24 Hour race
  • Motorcycle: 125 cc WARS - The 125 cc Grand Prix arena continues to be the battleground of Aprilia and KTM. We investigate each of their technical solutions
  • Backroom Boys: EMS - Engine Management Systems in Mystic, Connecticut does what its name suggests in supplying racers across diverse disciplines
  • IRED: NASCAR - Our annual review of the Cup, Nationwide and Truck engine builders reveals a loss of independents as the big boys flex their muscles
  • PS: PASHLEY - The motorcycle engine/gearbox is highly effective in the world of small displacement single seaters: a new book reveals how to exploit it

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