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Race Engine Technology - Issue 034

Highlights in this issue include an Insight into Porsche's direct injection for its LM P2 V8, a Dossier on the EDL Judd DB V8 and Focus articles covering Turbochargers and Advanced Metals. 

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Issue 34 - November 2008

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Ian Bamsey considers feedback from a reader and how this publication has become a valuable historical record as well as a tech journal
  • Upfront: GRID - We preview our KERS Seminar in Cologne, consider the arrival of KERS in Prototype racing, the new Suzuki Pro Stock engine and more
  • Interview: DR MARIO THEISSEN - BMW’s Formula One Team Principal talks about powertrain development under the current freeze and the arrival of KERS next year
  • Turbodiesel Tech: THE FUTURE - How it is development of higher-pressure common rail injection and steel pistons that is pushing the output of the V12 Le Mans turbodiesels
  • Turbodiesel Tech: BOSCH INJECTION - How Bosch is advancing the development of high pressure, common rail direct injection to make Le Mans racing engines more powerful
  • Turbodiesel Tech: MAHLE PISTONS - We reveal in detail the development of steel pistons for the Le Mans racing turbodiesel V12s, another key factor progressing performance
  • Focus: ADVANCED METALS - In a world of constant materials development Jack Kane considers the best metal specifications for key race engine component applications
  • Musings: IAN BAMSEY - The Editor considers the pros and cons of a fuel cap for Grand Prix racing as it faces up to the challenge of a fast-changing world
  • Insight: PORSCHE DIRECT INJECTION - We investigate in unprecedented detail the story of how Porsche pioneered direct fuel injection for a five-figure speed V8
  • Motorcycle: TRIUMPH 675 - Motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has come back into racing, taking the 2008 British Championship title with its 675 cc three-cylinder
  • Focus: TURBOCHARGERS - The turbo-supercharger is making a comeback in racing. We look at key aspects to reveal the state of the art in turbo engineering
  • Green Tech: AER V8 ON E85 - This year AER has run its 4.0 litre V8 twin turbo on E85 in ALMS races; we investigate the issues that this causes a Prototype race engine
  • Expo: PRI - The annual PRI trade show is now committed long term to Orlando, Florida; we look at what we can expect at December’s event
  • Dossier: EDL JUDD DB V8 - We look in depth at this latest LM P2 engine from EDL and the issues surrounding its development from the company’s previous V8
  • Race Engine Report: LE MANS GT - GT racing is attracting ever more manufacturer interest. We look at the players and their technology as seen at Le Mans and at Petit Le Mans
  • PS: ZAKSPEED - We recall how in the eighties a small German company built the first German Grand Prix car in 20 years without manufacturer support

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