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Race Engine Technology - Issue 038

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on PME's Chevrolet NASCAR Truck V8, an Insight into RF85, Part 4 of our Special Investigation into Valve Spring Operation and Focus articles covering Pumps and Valve Springs. 

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Issue 38 - May 2009

  • Intro: The Editor - After the near disappearance of Brawn GP from the grid, Ian Bamsey observes how Formula One is having to re-invent itself
  • Upfront: Grid - The motor sport world is full of change right now; we discuss hybrids, KERS, the world engine, a new NHRA carburettor and much more
  • RET Monitor - IT’S GO-GO-GO! The RET-Monitor is live and many of our readers will have received their first edition of this valuable on-line information service. If you have not signed up yet, you can do it right here
  • Dossier: PME Truck V8 - One independent engine builder has bucked the trend to become the NASCAR Truck series Engine Builder of the Year 2008. Ian Bamsey investigates
  • Challenge of: Le Mans - Ian Bamsey considers what the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours will reveal about the state of Prototype engine technology
  • Focus: Pumps - Effectively an internal combustion engine is a pump, so why should it need to be surrounded by ancillary ones? Ian Bamsey explains
  • Motorcycle: Saving Costs - The cost of running an international motor sport team has continued to rise almost unchecked for many years. Neil Spalding explores some options
  • Special Investigation: Valve Springs - This is the third and final part in our in-depth investigation into valve springs. In this issue, Professor Blair analyses the round wire progressive valve spring
  • Techno Topic: BTCC Emissions - With world attention focussing on all things green, the BTCC undertook its own investigation into the CO2 emissions of its cars. Tom Sharp reports
  • Focus: Valve Springs - Tom Sharp discusses the essential criteria behind the efficient design of a racing valve spring, and outlines some of the important issues that make them reliable
  • Insight: RF85 - As motor sport teams seek to maximise their performance in competition, John Stowe explains how the right surface treatment can make all the difference
  • PS: BMW multi-use engine - In an effort to limit development costs, Ian Bamsey explains how looking back to the 1960/70s may help the racing authorities to take the next step forward

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