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Race Engine Technology - Issue 040

Highlights in this issue include In Conversation with Toyota F1's Norio Aoki, a Dossier on Corvette's LM GT1 direct injection and Focus articles covering Test Equipment and Con Rods. 

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Issue 40 - August 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Direct injection in racing and the Small Block V8 arrived at the same time and recently united to give the Corvette GT1 a new lease of life
  • Upfront: GRID - Ford’s Pro Stock assault, Formula Fonda, Peugeot’s Francois Coudrain, future pistons, Modena Expotech preview, Marine engines and more…
  • In Conversation: NORIO AOKI - The General Manager of Toyota’s Formula One engine department in Cologne talks about racing a frozen V8
  • Race Report: BRITISH GRAND PRIX - We consider the role of powertrain technology in today’s 18,000 rpm Formula One as the 2009 season approached its mid point at Silverstone
  • Motorcycle: TTX - Has the age of the electric racing motorcycle arrived? Our man was at the TTX on the Isle of Man to find out
  • Dossier: CORVETTE DIRECT INJECTION - The inside story of how Corvette Racing adopted direct injection technology, in the process making significant gains in terms of efficiency
  • Expo: ENGINE EXPO - The 2009 event once again revealed surprising technology as road and race engineers met at the Stuttgart exhibition centre
  • Focus: TEST EQUIPMENT - We investigate metrology aspects of quality control in engine build, considering surface geometry and roughness and measuring methods
  • Race Report: LE MANS - The editor explores all of the Prototype engines that were in action at the 2009 24 Hour race including the new Audi V10 turbodiesel
  • Focus: CON RODS - An in-depth look at the technology of the heavily loaded race engine con rod – what are the best materials and design solutions?
  • PS: TOYOTA AT LE MANS? - We look back at Toyota Cologne’s short lived Le Mans adventure, before it switched to Formula One. Could it go back?

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