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Race Engine Technology - Issue 041

Highlights in this issue include Insights into BMW's F1 KERS and Direct Metal Laser Sintering, a Dossier on Aston Martin's Le Mans V12s and Focus articles covering Fasteners and Sensors and Data Acquisition. 

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Issue 41 - September/October 2009

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - As GT1 wanes GT2 racing is gathering strength; therefore, asks Bamsey, why doesn’t this become the sole GT category?
  • Upfront: GRID - How British engineering is steaming ahead; Shaver’s new WoO V8; MotoGP engine life; RET-Monitor and more…
  • Insight: BMW KERS - Ian Bamsey discusses KERS with BMW-Sauber Formula One Team Principal Dr Mario Theissen and powertrain chief Markus Duesmann
  • Dossier: ASTON MARTIN LE MANS V12s - Ian Bamsey traces the development of the Aston Martin V12 from GT winner to direct injection Le Mans Prototype engine
  • Insight: DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING - Is DMLS the future for manufacturing powertrain components? We investigate pioneering work carried out on behalf of Red Bull Racing
  • Focus: SENSORS AND DATA ACQUISITION - Jack Murtagh explores the intriguing and essential world of sensors and data acquisition in the context of race engine development
  • Motorcycle: COUGAR RED 125 cc - Neil Spalding investigates an intriguing project to keep the 125 cc two-stroke alive as a clean, green racing machine
  • Race Engine of the Year: 2009 - Which will be the Grand Prix, the Global, the North American and the Alternative Power race engine of 2009?
  • Raceshop: AVL SCHRICK - Ian Bamsey visits AVL Schrick’s state of the art facility to discover what it takes to machine winning engine components
  • Focus: FASTENERS - Wayne Ward considers the state of the art in threaded fasteners and their application in the race engine environment
  • Expo: PMWE PREVIEW - We consider what readers can anticipate at the 2009 PMWE in Cologne, Germany, now that this trade show is firmly established
  • Race Report: LE MANS GT - We investigate the fortunes of all of the GT race engines at the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hour race
  • PS: PIQUET’S BUICK - How ranting runs in the Piquet family – as our man found out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1993

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