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Race Engine Technology - Issue 043

Highlights in this issue include an Insight into Ducati's MotoGP engine, a Dossier on Spyker's LM GT2 V8 and Focus articles covering Pistons and Induction Systems.

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Issue 43 - December/January 2010

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Racing is helping make DLC affordable enough for production engines; we shouldn’t overlook ongoing race/road crossover
  • Upfront: GRID - Return of the plastic-composite engine; Bosch ride by wire; Ford NHRA and Kent surprises; Jaguar GT2 V8 and more
  • Insight: DUCATI MOTOGP ENGINE - Ian Bamsey discusses Ducati’s MotoGP engine with Filippo Preziosi, the engineer in charge of its design and development
  • Report: RACE ENGINE OF THE YEAR - Who won the honours in the 2009 Race Engine of the Year Awards? We reveal all on page 22 of this issue
  • Dossier: SPYKER LM GT2 V8 - Ian Bamsey investigates the 40-valve V8 that excelled in this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race, giving Spyker its greatest moment to date
  • Motorcycle: DUCATI BIG BANG - We may fi nally be close to understanding what really happens when a MotoGP bike is fi tted with a big bang engine, suggests Neil Spalding
  • Focus: PISTONS - Wayne Ward reports on piston manufacturing processes and technology, and explains issues behind piston materials and coatings
  • Expo: PMWE - We look back at the fourth annual Professional Motorsport World Expo, which was held in Cologne, Germany, November 3-5 2009
  • Insight: DUAL SWIRL PORT - John Stowe gives a progress update on his dual swirl-port Cosworth BDA, the development of which RET has been tracking
  • Insight: KEEPING THE BDA ALIVE - John Coxon investigates how the Cosworth BDA lives on in motorsport today, highlighting the technology that keeps this classic alive
  • Preview: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - Ian Bamsey previews the show, incorporating Autosport Engineering, which this January will again showcase UK engineering
  • Focus: THE INDUCTION SYSTEM - John Coxon explains the principles and design issues behind the key components of modern race engine induction systems
  • PS: BMW TOURING CARS - In the light of BMW’S British Championship we look back at earlier UK Touring Car bids by the manufacturer

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