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Race Engine Technology - Issue 045

Highlights in this issue include a Dossier on the CRP Honda 125cc, an Insight into the Stewart Honda Midget I4 and Focus articles covering Fuel Injection and Pushrod systems.

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Issue 45 - March/April 2010

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - We live in a world of automotive downsizing; the editor considers how this issue of RET is particularly relevant to that
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Porsche’s Williams Hybrid Power project; Larry Morgan and the Ford Pro Stock V8; Aeromotive and RYE’s turbo Ford and more
  • Dossier: CRP HONDA 125 cc - What is the state of the art in small displacement two-strokes such as the 125 cc CRP Honda? Ian Bamsey finds out
  • Interview: STEVE ERIKSEN - Honda is making its first major presence at Le Mans this year. Anne Proffit spoke to HPD Technical Director Steve Eriksen
  • Focus: FUEL INJECTION - Of all changes in engine technology over the past 30 years fuel injection is the most significant. John Coxon investigates
  • Expo: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - Hard times? Ian Bamsey finds a surprising number of interesting racing powertrain developments on show at Autosport International
  • Insight: STEWART HONDA MIDGET - As motorsport increasingly embraces four-cylinder engines, Ian Bamsey assesses the potential of Honda’s K-series production unit
  • Preview: F1 2010 - Ian Bamsey considers what the 2010 Grand Prix racing season has in store as the engine freeze continues and KERS goes AWOL
  • Focus: PUSHROD SYSTEMS - While production engines are abandoning pushrods, Wayne Ward finds use in certain race series ensuring vigorous tech development
  • IRED: NASCAR - Martin D Clark looks at who is who, what has changed and the opportunities for new engine builders and component suppliers
  • PS: FERRARI F92A - How a revolutionary aero concept took more than a decade to make its mark – thanks to powertrain troubles surrounding the car

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