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Race Engine Technology - Issue 050

Highlights in this issue include a look back at 50 issues of Race Engine Technology and Focus articles covering Advanced Metals and Fuel Pumps. 

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Issue 50 - November 2010

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - The editor takes stock of seven years of technological developments and looks forward to the coming years
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Is the Golden Age of the turbodiesel over? Covette GT2 bounces back; 400 mph Pro Stock and more
  • In conversation: CHRIS SMITH - Chris Smith of Élan Motorsport Technologies tells Anne Proffit how he is helping keep the Ford Modular V8 alive in GT2
  • Insight: JOE GIBBS RACING - Ian Bamsey finds out how JGR develops the engine components and the vital lubrication for them, all under one roof.
  • Focus: ADVANCED METALS - There is a stream of new metallic materials, some of which could be important for improved engine performance, as Wayne Ward reports
  • Special Investigation: 50/50 - Investigating Race Engine Technology over the first 50 issues of the magazine and predicting its development over the next 50…
  • NASCAR: 50/50 - Fundamentally the engines have been the same and will likely remain the same – but there are intriguing developments within
  • IndyCar: 50/50 - It has gone from a massive engine war to a spec series. But that could be about to change; certainly the Honda engine will change
  • Le Mans Prototypes: 50/50 - Direct gasoline injection and turbodiesel technology have been the main themes but where will they lead?
  • Formula One: 50/50 - The race to ever higher rpm is over; when the new turbocharged efficiency era comes, how much will be carried forward?
  • Motorcycle: 50/50 - Neil Spalding looks at how the current MotoGP engines have evolved since 2003 and asks, what can we expect by 2016?
  • Focus: FUEL PUMPS - John Coxon examines the various types of fuel pumps and gives a glimpse of some new technology for motorsports
  • IRED: NHRA TOP FUEL - What is the future for the world’s most powerful engines? Anne Proffit asks engine builders and the NHRA itself
  • PS: A BLAIR POEM - Professor Blair spanned the worlds of two and four-stroke engines and never lost his thirst for knowledge as these words remind us

This is the silver covered, special 50th edition of Race Engine Technology

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