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Race Engine Technology - Issue 070

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Hisatake Murata, a look at the Oscar e0 Dakar Rally car. A Dossier on the Jay Dickens DLM Wide Bore Chevrolet V8s and the  hydrogen Aston Martin as well as focus articles covering lubricants and oil pumps.

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Issue 70 - May 2013

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - This issue of RET is all about contrasts – from the shifting frontiers of alternative power to the traditional pushrod V8
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Audi’s radical compressed air system, Honda and Chevrolet square up in IndyCar, details of the New Race Engine, and much more…
  • In Conversation: HISATAKE MURATA - Hisatake Murata is known as the father of the racing hybrid. To find out why, Ian Bamsey discussed his career with him
  • Alternative Power: OSCAR E0 DAKAR RALLY CAR - The OSCar e0 hybrid proves that off-the-shelf technology can succeed in the Dakar Rally. Lawrence Butcher reports
  • Dossier: JAY DICKENS DLM WIDE BORE CHEVROLET V8S - Ian Bamsey investigates a world in which engine design and development is refreshingly free, as Jay Dickens reveals
  • Focus: LUBRICANTS - Wayne Ward explains the mechanisms that affect the working life of motorsport oils and greases
  • Short Take: HYDROGEN ASTON MARTIN - Ian Bamsey investigates how Aston Martin intends to be the first to use hydrogen fuel in a 24-hour race
  • In Conversation: STEVE JOHNS - Steve Johns, head of engine development at cutting-edge NHRA Pro Stock team Cagnazzi Racing, talks to Ian Bamsey
  • Insight: EVL 125 TWO-STROKE - Ian Bamsey investigates how a Dutchman specialising in 125 cc two-stroke race engines made one of his own, the EvL 125
  • Focus: OIL PUMPS - David Cooper examines the design, materials and manufacturing that go into providing a race-winning oil pump solution
  • Race Engine Digest: MARTIN MOTORSPORT/NEAL RACING DRAG V8 - Lawrence Butcher finds out how going back to the drawing board gave a Big Block Chevy a fresh lease of life
  • Formula Student: LEICESTER RACING - A University of Leicester team is going all-electric as it vies for honours in the Formula Student series. Chris Baines reports
  • PS: WHISTLING BILLY - Paul Weighell takes us to Steampunk heaven as he looks at the race history – and recent renaissance – of this steam-powered car

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