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Race Engine Technology - Issue 098

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Yusuke Hasegawa, Race Engine of the Year 2016 and an insight into classic superchargers. A dossier on the Aardema Developments I4 and supercharged V12 and the challenge of Australian Supercars. A look at the Cosworth Kawasaki KX250F MX2, as well as focus articles covering camshafts and transmission. 

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Issue 98 - November 2016

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - If Formula E is to enhance the ‘breed’ of electric cars then why is the battery technology locked down for the foreseeable future? 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - The fixed variable trumpet, the five-stroke engine, MotoGP torque sensing, and much more… 
  • In Conversation: YUSUKE HASEGAWA - Honda’s head of its Formula One engine department updates Lawrence Butcher on the development of its 1.6 litre V6 engine 
  • Dossier: AARDEMA DEVELOPMENTS I4 & SUPERCHARGED V12 - Ian Bamsey explores the development by this two-man team of a land speed record I4 and a V12 for boat racing 
  • RACE ENGINE OF YEAR 2016 - Here we present the 12 nominations for the Race Engine of the Year 2016, in four categories 
  • Focus: CAMSHAFTS - The lobe of a camshaft has a crucial impact on the performance of a race engine. Matt Grant explains the issues surrounding their design and use 
  • Motorcycle: COSWORTH KAWASAKI KX250F MX2 - Stewart Mitchell reports on the development – up to now and in the future – of the engine for this top-tier motocross contender 
  • Focus: TRANSMISSION - Stewart Mitchell looks at how the technology of racing transmissions has developed and improved in recent years 
  • Challenge Of: AUSTRALIAN SUPERCARS - Lawrence Butcher explains some of the challenges facing engine builders in this series, in the light of its format and regulatory constraints 
  • Insight: CLASSIC SUPERCHARGERS - Calum Douglas looks at some of the most important advances in supercharging that occurred during World War II 
  • PS: ROTARY INNOVATIONS - The rotary engine is making a comeback in motorsport, thanks to innovations in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles

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