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Race Engine Technology - Issue 111

Highlights in this issue include the fourth part of Jack Kane's Reno V12 Turbo project and a conversation with BMW's Jens Marquardt. The challenge of land speed record racing, a dossier on the Katech Trans Am Ford 358 CU in V8 as well as a look at the Gibson Technology GL458. A show report from the Automotive Testing Expo as well as focus articles covering pistons & Metrology. 

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Issue 111 - June/July 2018

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Does the trend away from engine diversity still leave a role for design and development in motorsport? 
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Details of the latest regulations governing engine development in LM P1, IndyCar to get new and more powerful engines in 2021, and more… 
  • In Conversation: JENS MARQUARDT - BMW’s motorsport director talks to Stewart Mitchell about the company’s return to endurance racing 
  • Dossier: KATECH TRANS AM FORD 358 CU IN V8 - Mike Magda reports on how two former NASCAR Ford D3 engines were re-worked for a road racing team 
  • Project: RENO V12 TURBO - In the fourth part of his engine project for the Reno Air Races, Jack Kane details his work on the valvetrain, the lubrication and other systems, and the ECU 
  • Focus: PISTONS - Matt Grant reviews the features of the cylindrical side face of race engine pistons, and catches up on their latest developments 
  • Race Engine Digest: GIBSON TECHNOLOGY GL458 - Changes to the LM P1 rules have boosted the market for customer engines. Stewart Mitchell reports on how one of these – Gibson’s GL458 – was developed 
  • Show Report: AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO - Stewart Mitchell presents highlights of the cutting-edge test and measurement systems on display at this major show 
  • Challenge Of: LAND SPEED RECORD RACING - What does it take to set a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats? Stewart Mitchell finds out from a veteran engine builder 
  • Focus: METROLOGY - Stewart Mitchell reports on the major strides made in metrology technology over the past few years 
  • PS: THE GOLDEN AGE OF KARTING - Intriguing extracts from Kart Racing, by the founder of Karting magazine Alan Burgess

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