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Race Engine Technology - Issue 138

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the MXOLOGY KX250-MXO-22 and Ian Bamsey visits members of SEMA’s Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council. We have an insight into two-stroke lubrication and discover the challenge of Tarmac Rallying. We investigate aluminium con rods in drag racing as well as focus articles covering retro coatings and EV sensors. E-Race power features the McMurty Speirling racecar plus much more…

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  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Thankfully, not all high profile series constrain competitors to using established materials, as we report in this issue
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Early Formula One results suggest Ferrari has overcome the power unit deficit to Mercedes, Livernois Motorsports and Engineering reports big uptake of Ford’s Coyote V8 in motorsport, and more…
  • In Conversation: MEMBERS OF THE MPMC - Ian Bamsey visits members of SEMA’s Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council via video link at its annual media gathering
  • Dossier: MXOLOGY KX250-MXO-22 - Wayne Ward quizzes the technical chief of MXology about how it develops engines for the top tiers of motocross
  • Focus: RETRO COATINGS - Specialist suppliers tell Matt Grant which types of coatings they offer for historic and retro engine parts, and the benefits they confer
  • E-RACE POWER - The McMurtry Speirling racecar makes all the right noises thanks to its use of an electric fan to generate more than 500 kg of downforce
  • Focus: EV SENSORS - Matt Grant investigates the types of sensors needed for electric racecars, how they work and how they influence vehicle performance
  • Insight: TWO-STROKE LUBRICATION - John Coxon explores the tricky subject of two-stroke lubrication
  • Challenge Of: TARMAC RALLYING - Ian Bamsey finds out how Millington Racing Engines designs and develops its engines for Class 14 of the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship
  • Holeshot: ALUMINIUM CON RODS IN DRAG RACING - Luke Robinson explains how aluminium rods are extruded from billet, and their advantages over other materials and methods of manufacture
  • PS: MOSER 32-VALVE SMALL BLOCK - The story behind Moser Engine Corporation’s development of a DOHC 32-valve version of the Small Block Chevrolet

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