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Race Engine Technology - Issue 141

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Steve Morris 572 SMX and a conversation with Evasive motorsports co-founder Mike Chang. We discover the challenge of Multi-Engine Tractor Pulling and we have a show report from the Automotive Testing Expo 2022. We digest the Electroflight and the Corvette GTE Pro, as well as focus articles covering EV motor design and performance diesel powertrains plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 141 August/September 2022

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - What future is there for engine tuning at Pikes Peak given the performance that can be obtained from a stock EV powertrain?
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Peugeot’s Hypercar makes its debut at the Monza Six Hours WEC event, Superperformance and Everrati unveil an electric Ford GT40, and more…
  • In Conversation: MIKE CHANG - Evasive Motorsport’s co-founder shares some details with Anne Proffit of tackling the Pikes Peak Hillclimb using an EV
  • Dossier: STEVE MORRIS 572 SMX - Mike Magda learns from Steve Morris the secrets of a huge horsepower all-billet V8 that is water cooled for endurance
  • Focus: EV MOTOR DESIGN - What issues are at play when designing electric motors for racing, and what factors might come to the fore in the future. Matt Grant reports
  • Race Engine Digest: CORVETTE GTE PRO - Alto Ono investigates the Corvette’s mid-engined adventure at Le Mans
  • Challenge Of: MULTI-ENGINE TRACTOR PULLING - Luke Robinson investigates the multiple Hemi solution of the Netherlands’ MPM Seaside Affair
  • Digest: ELECTROFLIGHT - Wayne Ward investigates the engineering lengths the powertrain developer went to for the electric air speed record holder, the Spirit of Innovation
  • Focus: PERFORMANCE DIESEL VALVETRAINS - Matt Grant explains why the valvetrains in high-performance diesel engines need to be more robust than their gasoline counterparts
  • Show Report: AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO - Gemma Hatton presents some race engine test technology highlights from this international show in Stuttgart, Germany
  • PS: CNG - John Coxon recalls his investigation in the 1980s into developing a turbo-compound race engine running on compressed natural gas

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