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Race Engine Technology - Issue 143

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Ben Strader 401 Ford and a conversation with renowned engine tuner Shane Tecklenburg. We explore the Pro-1 Performance Kawasaki ZXR and the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 EPerformance. We discover the challenge of the Reno Air Race, and our focus articles cover materials for additive manufacturing and engine simulation. Our race engine digest looks at the ExternPro and Moto2 alongside a short take on the Ducati MotoE plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 143 November/December 2022

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Behold the advent of the supercars that are only ever destined to perform on private race circuit days
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Details of McLaren’s Solus and its naturally aspirated Judd V10, using turbo compounding to produce 3000 bhp from a Nissan I4 on methanol, Rod Tschiggfrie’s Sorceress dragster gets the EFI University treatment, and more…
  • In Conversation: SHANE TECKLENBURG - The renowned engine tuner explains the merits of turbo compounding to Ian Bamsey
  • Dossier: BEN STRADER 401 FORD - Mike Magda finds out how this drag race engine was converted from using carburettors to EFI
  • Focus: MATERIALS FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - Matt Grant reports on the latest developments in AM materials technology, and the benefits they bring to motorsport
  • Race Engine Retro: PRO-1 PERFORMANCE KAWASAKI ZXR - Ramon Rey of Pro-1 Performance explains to Ian Bamsey how his company has developed the Kawasaki ZXR I4 for Classic Superbike
  • Short Take: PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN GT4 EPERFORMANCE - Wayne Ward reports on the first fruit of Porsche’s Mission R electric racecar project
  • Focus: ENGINE SIMULATION - Matt Grant examines some of the many areas of an IC engine’s design that can now be simulated before investing in actual components
  • Race Engine Digest: EXTERNPRO AND MOTO2 - Wayne Ward finds out how the spec Triumph engine for Moto2 was chosen and developed from the road version
  • Challenge Of: RENO AIR RACE - Wayne Ward reports on the special demands made on the engines used in this unique but enduring form of racing
  • Short Take: DUCATI MOTOE - MotoE is switching to a new bike, from Ducati. Wayne Ward looks at how it will differ from the current machine
  • PS: SILVERSTONE CLASSIC - Too complicated and too late – BRM’s V16 Grand Prix engine and a contrasting blown Austin 7

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