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Race Engine Technology - Issue 151

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Kawasaki H2 naturally-aspirated two-stroke drag bike and our challenge of feature investigates World Championship Motocross. We have a retro feature covering the Fiat X1/9 I4 and a show report from PRI 2023. Our focus articles cover thermal management materials and AM machines, we also look into ReVolt as part of our e-Race feature plus much more…

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RACE ENGINE TECHNOLOGY 151 February/March 2024

  • Intro: The Editor - Ian Bamsey considers whether AI will leave us humans with nothing to do, free us up to achieve magical things or overwork us
  • Upfront: AI - Brian Kelleher reveals how artificial intelligence is helping to speed up processes and spark innovative thinking at the OnlyFans American Racing Team, which fields two bikes in Moto2
  • Upfront: Obituary - Our tribute to our RET friend and colleague, Guy Richards
  • Dossier: Kawasaki H2 - Bill Baxter tells Ian Bamsey how he developed this H2, the world’s fastest naturally-aspirated two-stroke drag bike, with the help of some friends
  • Focus: AM machines - Matt Grant reports how additive manufacturing is becoming more popular for race engine components due to significant time savings
  • Retro: Fiat X1/9 I4 - Bill Freame reveals how he is powering up a Lampredi SOHC I4 derivative to make a classic X1/9 competitive in local competition in Australia
  • Show report: PRI 2023 - Mike Magda walks us round the myriad unique offerings at the annual racing trade show, where a billet midget engine was a top draw
  • e-Race: ReVolt - Matthew Deeley is putting a ReVolt-engineered powertrain into a modified Riches/Nelson 2009 bike, with the aim of smashing the land-speed record. Wayne Ward reports
  • Challenge of: World Championship Motocross - Wayne Ward asks MX Real Racing’s Matteo Bella about the team’s tech challenges when it comes to keeping their riders up and running on track
  • Focus: Thermal management materials - In the bid to go faster, the pressure is on to keep engines and components cool. Matt Grant takes a look at the materials and coatings on offer
  • PS: Indy engines not - Indy race engines – Buicks We highlight some of the projects that didn’t make it on to the grid at the Indianapolis 500 from 1940-89

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