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Rally Race Technology - Volume 3

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Hyundai I20 WRC, a profile on the LDM Citroen DS3 WRX & conversations with FX Demaison & Chris Williams. A look at the JRM Group N Impreza, the Prodrive Golf SCRC, the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 & the 911 GT3 RTG. As well as a focus article on corners, insight into tyres & a tech review of driver aids.

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January 2015

Snow, gravel, tarmac: today’s rally car has to be capable of coping with a huge variety of terrain. Where racecars are engineered to exploit the billiard table smooth surfaces of today’s racetracks, the rally car has to be far more versatile. It has to cope with some of the most demanding environments in motorsport and to endure not hours but days of gruelling competition. Rally Race Technology opens up this fascinating world of engineering for a global sport that makes demands like no other. Never has the rally car been more deeply analysed as we provide a unique insight into a world where the engineering is nothing if not radical.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Rally technology is in rude health
  • Grid - The latest news from the world of rally 
  • Dossier: HYUNDAI I20 WRC - Lawrence Butcher talks to Michel Nandan about Hyundai’s rookie WRC racer 
  • In-conversation: FX DEMAISON - VW’s WRC project manager on the challenges of the WRC 
  • Profile: LDM CITROEN DS3 WRX - UK racer Liam Doran’s DS3 rallycross machine examined 
  • Focus: CORNERS - Jon Scoltock investigates the state of the art in rally car suspension and brakes 
  • Digest: TOYOTA GT86 CS-R3 - Toyota coupe sees a welcome return of RWD to rallying 
  • Digest: JRM GROUP N IMPREZA - What goes into creating a modern Group N racer 
  • Digest: PRODRIVE GOLF SCRC - How did Prodrive develop an all-new rally car in only four months? 
  • In-conversation: CHRIS WILLIAMS - Lawrence Butcher talks to M-Sport’s Chris Williams about the company’s latest developments 
  • Insight: TYRES - Rally tyre technology explained 
  • Digest: 911 GT3 RGT - Jon Scoltock looks at the development of the latest Tuthill developed Porsche 911 to hit the rally stages 
  • Tech review: DRIVER AIDS - How technology is revolutionising the driver/co-driver environment 
  • PS: THE LAST HURRAH - Lancia’s divine 037 remembered

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