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Rally Race Technology - Volume 4

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the JRM Mini rallycross and a tech review of WRC. Profiles on the Marshall Metro 4M4 and the RX Racing Fiesta Supercar. An insight into active diffs as well as focus articles covering electronics and brakes.

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January 2016

Snow, gravel, tarmac: today’s rally car has to be capable of coping with a huge variety of terrain. Where racecars are engineered to exploit the billiard table smooth surfaces of today’s racetracks, the rally car has to be far more versatile. It has to cope with some of the most demanding environments in motorsport and to endure not hours but days of gruelling competition. Rally Race Technology opens up this fascinating world of engineering for a global sport that makes demands like no other. Never has the rally car been more deeply analysed as we provide a unique insight into a world where the engineering is nothing if not radical.

Contents are:

  • Intro: THE EDITOR - Rallying remains the sternest of tests 
  • Grid - Technical insights from across the world of rallying
  • Dossier: JRM MINI RALLYCROSS - Lawrence Butcher investigates the work undertaken to transform a WRC contender into a rallycross monster 
  • Tech Review: WRC - On the surface, 2015 was a quiet year for development in the WRC, but under the skin, some manufacturers made significant changes
  • Focus: ELECTRONICS - Rallying presents electronics engineers with an exceptionally challenging operating environment, Stewart Mitchell investigates 
  • Insight: ACTIVE DIFFS - Jon Scoltock investigates the current state of play with active differential technology in rallying 
  • Profile: MARSHALL METRO 4M4 - Jon Scoltock uncovers this new take on a Group B classic that is terrorising the UK’s tarmac stages 
  • Focus: BRAKES - Rallying requires drivers to have deftness of touch and fast reactions, how does one design a brake system to match these needs? 
  • Profile: RX RACING FIESTA SUPERCAR - Hal Ridge looks into the development of a Fiesta rallycross Supercar for racer Ollie O’Donovan 
  • P.S: ELECTRIC DREAMS - Despite reluctance in the WRC, electric and hybrid rally cars are starting to make their mark

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