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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 044

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with DroneHub’s UGV-octocopter project manager Jakub Weglarz and our digest articles cover the Stanley Robotics Stan UGV and the Accession Class USV. Our dossiers detail the Xer Technologies X12 and X8 and the Cobra Aero A99H as well as an insight into USV’s. Our focus articles cover Lidar sensors and connectors, as well as show reports from AUVSI Xponential 2022 and Oceanology International 2022 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 044 June/July 2022

  • Intro - We’ve changed our name embracing the gender inclusivity that’s essential to our industry’s continued progression
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - A new drive system for flapping wing micro-craft, a method of using radar data to protect marine vessels from GPS spoofing, an algorithm for predicting the behaviour of pedestrians and cyclists around driverless cars, and much more
  • In conversation: Jakub Weglarz - DroneHub’s UGV-octocopter project manager explains how his education and professional experience has enabled him to address the challenges it raises
  • Dossier: Xer Technologies X12 and X8 - These multi-rotor UAVs include gasoline two-strokes to give them the range for surveillance, inspection and public safety applications. Here’s how they were developed
  • Focus: Lidar sensors - Fresh developments in Lidar technologies have improved their performance and widened their range of applications
  • Digest: Stanley Robotics Stan UGV - Valet parking at airports joins the uncrewed age with the unveiling of this autonomous turnkey mobile robot
  • Insight: USVs - How new maritime vessels are being designed to survive the unforgiving environments of the open ocean
  • Show report: AUVSI Xponential 2022 - The first part of our in-depth review of the latest systems and technologies on show at this pre-eminent event
  • Dossier: Cobra Aero A99H - The developers of this three-cylinder liquid-cooled engine explain what makes it ideal for the high-end UAV market
  • Digest: Accession Class USV - Modularity enables this vessel to be adapted for roles ranging from port authority operations to offshore surveys
  • Focus: Connectors - Uncrewed vehicles have special requirements when it comes to their internal connections, but suppliers can cater for them
  • Show report: Oceanology International 2022 - Our round-up of the mission-critical uncrewed systems that were on display at this marine-focused exhibition
  • PS: Seabed 2030 project - Details of how this project aims to map the entire seabed in high resolution by the end of the decade

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