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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 049

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Noel Heiks, the chairman of Censys Technologies and our digest articles cover the Ottonomy Ottobot and the Eurolink Systems Beluga. Our dossiers detail the Marine Advanced Robotics WAM-V and the RT600-HC. We have an insight into UGVs, alongside our focus articles covering sonar systems and image sensors. Our in operation feature investigates the DroneWorks solar panel inspection and the Cleo Robotics Dronut X1, we have a show report from IDEX 2023 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 049 April/May 2023

  • Intro - Image sensing systems are becoming smaller and less expensive, opening up new applications for UAVs as well as UGVs
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Intel and Daedalean unveil the first certifiable avionics design using machine learning, MIT develops simple and scalable way to build AUVs, UAVs automate rice plant counting, and much more
  • In conversation: Noel Heiks - The chairman of Censys Technologies explains how she sees AI playing a vital role in high-resolution inspections by UAVs
  • Dossier: Marine Advanced Robotics WAM-V - This auto-levelling USV is proving to be a go-to solution for users who want to survey large areas quickly, even in rough seas. We detail its development and the surprising inspiration behind it
  • Focus: Image sensors - Sensor prices are falling and they’re getting smaller, setting the stage for a raft of new design options for uncrewed vehicles
  • Digest: Ottonomy Ottobot - How Covid-19, social distancing and labour shortages created the conditions for producing this last-mile delivery UGV
  • Digest: Eurolink Systems Beluga - Taking its design cue from the bulbous-headed cetacean has led to this quadrotor that’s intended for multiple applications
  • Insight: UGVs - If a job’s considered too dangerous or too dirty to be carried out by people, there’s now more than likely to be a UGV that has been designed specifically to do it instead
  • Show report: IDEX 2023 - Our round-up of products showcased at the latest outing for this biennial exhibition for the armed services
  • Dossier: Rotron RT600-HC - We report on the development of this popular twin-rotor Wankel gasoline engine developed for uncrewed helicopters
  • In operation: Cleo Robotics Dronut X1 - Details of the design choices behind this duct-shaped UAV for inspecting hazardous and GNSS-denied indoor spaces
  • Focus: Sonar systems - USV and UUV operators are demanding more from sonar technology, leading to its developers to continue making advances in its capabilities, details of which we explain here
  • In operation: DroneWorks solar panel inspection - How this UAV removes the need to use people to inspect solar arrays, and how the data it generates can save a lot of money
  • PS: The human body as a UAV platform - A look at research that shows we don’t mind UAVs landing on us, but it depends on where and what we’re doing at the time

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