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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 050

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with robotics expert Dr David Barrett and our digest article covers the Addverb Dynamo 1T.  Our dossier details the Electric Flytrain EFT-Hybrid-1x and our special review celebrates our first 50 issues. We have an insight into USV’s, alongside our focus articles covering additive manufacturing and fuel systems. Our in operation feature investigates the Armach Robotics HSR as well as the Skyfish M6 and M4. We have show reports from Xponential 2023 and Ocean Business 2023 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 050 June/July 2023

  • Intro - Many assumed it would be decades before uncrewed systems were widely deployed, but it is already happening at pace
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - NASA’s Mars Helicopter smashes its expected service life, Greenjets unveils low-noise electric fan motor, researchers develop ‘ethical’ risk algorithm for vehicles, and  much more
  • In conversation: Dr David Barrett - How copying nature allows this marine robotics expert to replicate the way large fish propel themselves
  • Special review: 50 issues and counting - We look back at the milestone trends in uncrewed systems since our first issue, and wonder what the future might bring
  • Focus: Additive manufacturing - We catch up on the latest advances in AM methods, materials and the new applications they are making possible
  • Digest: Addverb Dynamo 1T - The thinking that went into developing this tonne-capable UGV for automating the handling of stock in warehouses
  • In operation: Skyfish M6 and M4 - The methods and technologies behind these bespoke UAVs for inspecting the condition of structures such as cell towers
  • Insight: USVs - The latest developments in USVs show a growing trend towards using them for specialised and complex missions
  • Show report: Xponential 2023 part 1 - Uncrewed systems developers continue to push the limits of their products, as we found among the halls at this year’s event
  • Dossier: Electric Flytrain EFT-Hybrid-1x - A team of former automotive engineers have migrated to the uncrewed systems market, and developed this hybrid-electric power unit for manufacturers of heavy-lift AVs
  • Focus: Fuel systems - The approaches fuel systems suppliers are taking to addressing the efficiency and emissions challenges of UAV IC engines
  • Show report: Ocean Business 2023 - Our highlights of the new products unveiled at this marine systems show, where autonomous solutions were to the fore
  • In operation: Armach Robotics HSR - How this marine robot, and the service it provides, keeps ships running efficiently by clearing their hulls of bio-fouling
  • PS: Modular vehicles - Sounds great in theory but modularity needs standardised vehicle interfaces and comes with overheads of its own

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