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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 053

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Dr Bryan Cole the head of uncrewed systems research at US environmental science agency NOAA. Our digest article covers the GPA Seabots 100 as well as an insight into defence. Our dossiers detail the Aalto Zephyr 8 and the INNengine Rex-B, our in operation feature looks at the Skyline Robotis Ozmo. Our focus articles cover real-time operating systems and thermal imaging as well as show reports from DroneX 2023 and DSEI 2023 plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 053 December/January 2024

  • Intro - An accident involving a robotaxi and a roll-out of full Level 3 autonomous driving show how car developers are converging
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Fox Robotics has teamed up with academia to trial a UGV for a range of farm tasks, German researchers are developing an eVTOL with gliding capabilities, quantum computing enters the picture for controlling UAVs in airspace, and much more
  • In conversation: Dr Bryan Cole - The head of uncrewed systems research at US environmental science agency NOAA makes his case for using more UASs
  • Dossier: AALTO Zephyr 8 - How this latest version of the solar-powered stratospheric UAV is being developed to provide services such as low-latency comms and Earth observation for months at a time
  • Focus: Real-time operating systems - Larger real-time RTOS systems are being deployed in uncrewed systems of growing complexity, so developers are turning away from traditional hypervisors to using separation kernels
  • Digest: GPA Seabots 100 - Harbours are host to a soup of ecological threats such as litter and chemical spills, a growing concern that this autonomous USV has been designed to address
  • Insight: Defence - Uncrewed military systems developers continue to adapt to the changing nature of military conflicts, as these systems prove
  • Dossier: INNengine Rex-B - Prototypes of this cam-operated two-stroke axial unit for use with UAVs are showing considerable potential
  • Show report: DroneX 2023 - Highlights of new services, aircraft designs, propulsion systems and avionics that were on display at this trade show
  • Focus: Thermal imaging - Thermal sensors play a critical role in almost every uncrewed system mission, and now they are expected to form part of a multi-sensor gimbal, leading to a series of fresh developments
  • Show report: DSEI 2023 - Capability and intelligence came across as the prime movers behind the defence-focused products on display at this show
  • In operation: Skyline Robotics Ozmo - Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings is dull, dirty and dangerous, so this uncrewed system is taking over from people
  • PS: AI in uncrewed system comms - AI is providing a raft of benefits to uncrewed system comms, prime examples of which we investigate here

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