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Uncrewed Systems Technology - Issue 054

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Angelo Corsaro of ZettaScale’s Zenoh as well as a show report from CES.  Our dossiers detail uWare’s uOne UUV and the DeltaHawk DHK180 alongside an insight into UUV’s. Our in operation feature covers Rheinmetall, Skygauge and Blueflite. We also have focus articles covering radio and telemetry as well as IMUs, gyros and accelerometers plus much more…

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Uncrewed Systems Technology 054 February/March 2024

  • Intro - Remote driving, 4D imaging radar and machine-learning tech are making huge advances, but are they still too power-hungry?
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Japanese researchers create a low-cost UAV for close-up transmission line inspections, a penny sized robot shows the power of small, a radar system protects cars in a cocoon, a Korean sensor detects 3D objects on the road, and the US tackles radio-frequency interference with silicon photonics
  • In conversation: Angelo Corsaro - How ZettaScale’s Zenoh protocol is taking off in the robotics world by slashing the energy required for data transfer
  • Dossier: uWare’s uOne UUV - This autonomous submersible can replicate the functions of multi-rotor air vehicles underwater, hoving with the same agility and using visual navigation to survey the marine environment
  • Focus: Radio and telemetry - New systems are boosting the performance of UAVs, linking multiple platforms and taking them further on less energy
  • In operation: Rheinmetall - Intelligent ground vehicles can travel where crewed missions cannot go safely, implementing medical evacuations in complex or dangerous terrain with lower risk to life
  • Insight: UUVs - Underwater uncrewed vehicles are taking exploration to greater depths, with missions often lasting months at a time
  • Dossier: DeltaHawk DHK180 - Why this compression-ignition two-stroke engine has been 27 years in the making, achieving FAA Type Certification
  • Focus: IMUs, gyros and accelerometers - Today’s navigation systems are breaking away from their dependence on GNSS, and mixing inertial data with visual, radar, laser, acoustic and other sensor feeds
  • In operation: Skygauge - One firm is addressing the danger to humans working at height by enabling remote ultrasonic inspections of tall structures
  • Show report: CES - Exhibitors present their latest tech, focused on innovation, AI, mobility and sustainability, under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas
  • In operation: Blueflite - Rugged vehicles Slate and Cobalt promise reliability and durability in delivering packages anywhere, in any weather
  • PS: Hypersonic flight - As air vehicles hit previously undreamed-of speeds, proper thermal management is crucial to keep their mechanisms cool

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