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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 007

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Nigel Gifford and dossiers on the Navya ARMA & the AIE 225CS UAV rotary. Insights into AUV's & lethal autonomous weapons and a show report from UMEX 2016 as well as focus articles covering electric motors, launch and recovery systems.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - April/May 2016

Contents include:

  • Intro - Unmanned systems are heralding fresh and often unimagined possibilities, but they need to be of net benefit to society 
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Mass-market centimetre-level satnav module announced, Volvo trucks demonstrate platooning, Rolls-Royce unveils onshore control concept for unmanned shipping, and much more 
  • In conversation: Nigel Gifford - Ozoneering’s founder explains his Pouncer UAV concept for delivering humanitarian relief to disaster areas 
  • UST online - Highlights of what’s new and most popular on our sister UST website, plus details of the Supplier Directory 
  • Show report: UMEX 2016 - Our round-up of some of the most interesting systems and vehicles announced at this Abu Dhabi exhibition 
  • Dossier: Navya ARMA - We look at the technology that went in to building this public driverless mass-transit system 
  • Focus: Launch and recovery systems - The industry is happy to borrow techniques and technologies from other sectors and adapt them to its own needs, as we report 
  • Dossier: AIE 225CS UAV rotary - An innovative cooling system allows this four-stroke to benefit from lower wear and higher efficiency. We chart its development 
  • Insight: AUVs - Autonomous underwater vehicles are going through some major developments as the need grows for them to travel deeper and for longer 
  • Focus: Electric motors - We explain the workings behind this established technology and the options for unmanned systems propulsion 
  • Insight: Lethal autonomous weapons - Is it too late to try to ban autonomous weapons systems, and do we understand where the real risks lie? 
  • PS: Miniaturising cameras - Details of a camera lens created using nanotechnology that could revolutionise imaging systems

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