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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 008

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Dr Zongbo Wang and dossiers on the Alti Transition and the Insitu Orbital N20. An insight into UAVs, show reports from Xponential 2016 and Oceanology International 2016 as well as focus articles covering ground control systems and solar power.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - June/July 2016

Contents include:

  • Intro - Unmanned systems are providing a fresh spurt of innovation in a world that has for a while been lacking in big changes
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Roborace chooses the Pascal processor, roadmap laid out for autonomous driving data fusion, Royal Navy tests the world’s first 3D-printed UAV, and much more 
  • In conversation: Dr Zongbo Wang - Aerotenna’s CEO sees FPGA technology as a game-changer in UAV control. Here he explains why 
  • Dossier: Alti Transition - We chart the development path of this clever VTOL fixed-wing hybrid UAV 
  • Focus: Ground control systems - GCS technology is growing in sophistication to match the growing complexity of unmanned craft 
  • Show report: Xponential 2016 - Our wide-ranging review of the pick of the technologies on display at the world’s biggest unmanned systems exhibition 
  • Dossier: Insitu Orbital N20 - Teamwork proved to be the key element in the successful development of this two-stroke UAV engine, which promises to set a new benchmark 
  • Insight: UAVs - In the continuing quest to improve range and lifting capacity, UAV developers are beginning to turn their attention to new, systemwide technologies 
  • Focus: Solar power - Sun-powered propulsion systems have developed to a point where they look set to become a feature on commercial unmanned craft 
  • Show report: Oceanology International 2016 - Our pick of the new craft and systems unveiled at this leading global exhibition for the marine science and technology community 
  • PS: The Robotic Hummingbird - Is it a bird, is it a UAV? It’s both, and its capabilities are such that we could see a lot more of them in the future

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