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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 012

Highlights in this issue include dossiers on the Cobra Aero A33 and wave-powered AutoNaut. We have an in conversation article with Chris Skinner the man behind the Thales component of the Unmanned Warrior naval trial. Focus articles look at connectors. We report on CES 2017 and the new developments in driverless car technologies. 

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Unmanned Systems Technology - February/March 2017

  • Intro - A discussion about the ‘PS’ in this issue reminds us that technological change, while inevitable, is unpredictable
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info Electric turbofans and helicopters unveiled, call to develop AUVs for seafloor research, how a UAV and UGV could together transform agriculture, LunarX rivals ready for launch, and more
  •  In conversation: Chris Skinner the man behind the Thales component of the Unmanned Warrior naval trial says it’s all about multi-platform integration
  • Dossier: AutoNaut It’s simple, reliable and has a long endurance – we explain how this wave-powered USV was designed and built
  • Focus: Connectors whenever there are components or systems that need to be joined together, there’s the right connector for the job
  • Insight: UGVs with driverless cars in the spotlight at the CES show, we round up the latest developments in unmanned ground vehicles
  • Dossier: Cobra Aero A33i this brand-new two-stroke has been designed purposely for UAV use, and features some fascinating innovations. We look at how it was designed and developed
  • Digest: Intel Falcon 8+ UAV amid growing concerns over how safe it is to operate UAVs in built-up areas or civil airspace, this new octocopter takes redundancy to a new level
  • Focus: Propellers Do you want it in wood, metal, plastic or composite, fixed or variable pitch, and how many blades? Here we explain the factors involved in choosing the right prop for a given application
  • Show report: CES 2017 new developments in driverless car technologies took centre stage at this premier consumer event, but that wasn’t all that was on offer, as our round-up of the highlights reveals
  • PS: Quantum computing while still largely the stuff of lab research, quantum computers are inching ever-closer to a practical reality. We look at a recent key step that’s helping to make that happen

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