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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 014

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Orin Hoffman the chief roboticist using an unmanned system to grapple with the predatory menace of lionfish in the Caribbean. a dossier on Quantum Tron and Protonex fuel cell, focuses on radio links, telemetry and engine ancillary systems and a show report on AUVSI Xponential 2017

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Unmanned Systems Technology - June/July 2017

  • Intro - When we look back on the unmanned systems landscape of 2017, the one word we might use to describe it will be Hybrid – in terms of flight mode and type of motive power
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info -Dedicated DSP core for driverless cars unveiled, underwater navigation heads into low-cost realm, first direct injected UAV rotary engine launched, flying snakes inspire a new method of propulsion, and much more
  • In conversation: Orin Hoffman - The chief roboticist in a team of volunteers explains how they are using an unmanned system to grapple with the predatory menace of lionfish in the Caribbean
  • Dossier: Quantum Tron - An object lesson in how to develop a UAV that is designed to be as simple and foolproof to operate as an iPhone
  • Focus: Radio links and telemetry - As standard implementations of wireless comms begin to emerge, we compare the various frequency bands, protocols and topologies for controlling unmanned systems
  • Insight: UAVs - We look at the new designs and technologies that UAV developers are using to boost the speed and endurance of their craft
  • Dossier: Protonex fuel cell - How the internal combustion engine in the Insitu ScanEagle can be replaced with a fuel cell powertrain – without having to make any other modifications
  • Focus: Engine ancillary systems - What options are available for creating an integrated UAV power plant? Here’s a guide to the fuel pumps, electrical and ignition systems, and more
  • Show report: AUVSI Xponential 2017 - More than 3000 organisations from 30 countries make this a crucial unmanned systems exhibition, but if you weren’t able to attend here’s our in-depth review of what was on show
  • PS: Mass-market HCCI - Homogenous charge compression ignition engines are ideal for UAVs but they’re complicated and therefore expensive. Now one engine developer has found a way around that

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