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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 015

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with William Sachiti, a dossier on Martin UAV V-Ba and Desert Aircraft DA150 EFI. Focuses on sonar systems and gimbals, insights into USVs and a show report on CUAV Expo Europe.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - August/September 2017

  • Intro - The advent of full commercial unmanned systems is driving the volume production of the technology
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Audi to launch version of its A8 with driverless option, simple and portable UAV from Amazon for emergency services in the pipeline, development of solar/lithium-ion batteries, and more
  • In conversation: William Sachiti - Autonomous doorstep deliveries are just around the corner, as the head of the Academy of Robotics unveils his plans for them
  • Dossier: Martin UAV V-Bat - Take a concept first thought up in the 1920s, update it using the latest technologies and this remarkable VTOL is what you get
  • Focus: Sonar systems - Details of the latest tide of developments in sonar and underwater comms for seabed surveys and mapping
  • Insight: USVs - How emerging technologies and marine regulations are providing a raft of new opportunities for USV suppliers and operators
  • Dossier: Desert Aircraft DA150 EFI - As this veteran two-stroke becomes available with electronic fuel injection, we report on the history of its development and the engineering that underlies it
  • Digest: SeaCat AUV/ROV - A choice between autonomy and remote control, together with a set of interchangeable sensor modules, mark this craft out as signalling an important trend in underwater systems
  • Focus: Gimbals - The stability – in all senses – of a UAV’s payload is critical to its performance, and systems engineers have to take a wide range of factors into account, as we explain
  • Show report: CUAV Expo Europe - The Commercial UAV Expo crossed the Atlantic for the first time this year, and we were on hand to bring you a selection here of the most eye-catching products
  • PS: UAVs for research - How Britain squandered a potential head-start in supersonic flight research, and how unmanned systems now play a key role in manned flight research when the costs or risks are too high

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