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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 016

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Thales' head of UAS tactical planning Matt Moore, dossiers on Hydromea Vertex AUV and the continental CD-155, focuses on power management systems and ECU's, a digests on the Swift 020 UAV and a Show report on DSEI 2017.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - October/November 2017

  • Intro - Amid all the talk about Earthbound vehicle autonomy it’s easy to overlook space systems, but they’re also using the technology
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - First public demo of an electric VTOL taxi, Rolls-Royce unveils design for a long-range electric USV, researchers announce radical new type of low-light camera, ceramic quad pack FPGAs for space systems now available, and more
  • In conversation: Matt Moore - Thales’ head of UAS tactical planning shares his views on the latest trends in the deployment of unmanned systems, and their implications for avionics architectures
  • Dossier: Hydromea Vertex AUV - Some water sampling measurements can only be carried out exactly where the sensor is, which is what this swarming underwater craft is designed for. We detail its development
  • Focus: Power management systems - The growth in autonomy is having an impact on how power is managed in unmanned vehicles. We examine the key existing and emerging technologies
  • Insight: Space - Space systems are a natural fit for autonomy, and it is playing a growing and varied role in missions beyond our planet
  • Dossier: Continental CD-155 - This I4 turbodiesel has an impressive track record as a UAV power plant. The way it’s built helps explain why
  • Digest: Swift 020 UAV - UAVs have many advantages for disaster relief operations, but also some drawbacks. Here’s how one developer overcame them
  • Focus: ECUs - What goes into making these essential devices work, and how do you choose which kind you need? Read on...
  • Show report: DSEI 2017 - What were some of the more intriguing vehicles and systems on show at this exhibition for the defence and security sector?
  • PS: Wireless charging - Details of some of the strands of research for extending the endurance of electrically powered UAVs

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