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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 023

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Dr Jenny Kingston and an insight into logistics. Dossiers on the Milrem Multiscope and OS Engines GF400U-FI, show reports from InterGeo 18, Commercial UAV Show London 18 and Commercial UAV Expo 18. In Operations looks at the Ultrabeam Hydrographic Ultra 2, we look at the VideoRay Defender as well as focus articles covering wireless charging, IMU's, gyro's and accelerometers. 

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Unmanned Systems Technology - December/January 2019

  • Intro - Impending approval of beyond-line-of-sight missions are set to spur a dramatic rise in UAV systems and technologies 
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - First ion-powered UAV makes its debut, USV system for sea rescues proposed, engineers look to adapt ROS software for self-driving cars, and more 
  • In conversation: Dr Jenny Kingston - This senior academic shares and explains her passion for autonomous space systems 
  • Dossier: Milrem Multiscope - How expertise in the military realm has been fed into the development of this commercial and modular UGV 
  • Focus: Wireless charging - We explain how the various technologies work and which applications are best suited to each kind 
  • Insight: Logistics - The industry is catching on to the value of unmanned vehicles for ferrying cargo and managing warehouse inventories 
  • Show report: InterGeo 2018 - Our round-up of some of the latest geo-information products and services that were on display at this exhibition 
  • Digest: VideoRay Defender - The development of this survey and inspection UUV is a prime example of the value of teamwork 
  • Dossier: OS Engines GF400U-FI - ‘Keep it simple’ was the mantra underpinning the creation of this four-stroke UAV engine 
  • In operation: Ultrabeam Hydrographic Ultra-2 - If you want something done well, do it yourself – a principle this company adopted when building its survey USV 
  • Show report: Commercial UAV Show London 2018 - Product highlights from this latest exhibition in the UK’s capital 
  • Focus: IMUs, gyros and accelerometers - We examine the advances in MEMS technology, which are set to drive a growing specialisation of inertial sensors 
  • Show report: Commercial UAV Expo 2018 - Some of the innovations that were on display in Las Vegas 
  • PS: Bipedal robots - Boston Dynamics’ Handle, and its ‘humanoid’ characteristics

**To be published January 2019**

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