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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 028

Highlights in this issue include conversations with ASVs Geoff Douglass and SkySkopes Matt Dunleavy, dossiers on the ecoSUB Robotics AUVs and the Apple Tree Innovation WAM-167BB. We look at the AMZ Driverless gotthard and the Aerdron HL4 Herculift as well as an insight into unmanned space vehicles. A show report from InterDrone 2019 as well as focus articles on engine control units and video systems.

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Unmanned Systems Technology - October/November 2019

  • Intro - We cast our reporting net wide in this issue, with coverage of systems operating everywhere from under the seas to in space
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Scania’s new driverless truck dispenses with an operator’s cab, details of a world first for autonomous shipping, GNSS receiver for tricky environments unveiled, and much more
  • In conversation: Geoff Douglass - The ASVs development manager at SeaRobotics explains his user-focused philosophy of engineering
  • Dossier: ecoSUB Robotics AUVs - Market trends were the prime driver behind developing the core technology for this trio of craft. Here are the results
  • Focus: Engine control units - How ECU designers are upping their game to meet the growing demands on unmanned system sensors and engine components
  • Insight: Unmanned space vehicles - We look at how missions to Earth’s neighbours are providing a rich vein of development advances
  • Digest: AMZ Driverless gotthard - Details of what has made this Formula Student autonomous electric racecar a championship-winner
  • Show report: InterDrone 2019 - The pick of the latest crop of new unmanned systems and technologies from this, the fifth expo of its kind
  • Dossier: Apple Tree Innovation WAM-167BB - This two-stroke diesel stands out from the crowd in having an inverted engine block, giving it certain advantages for UAV applications. So how does it operate?
  • In conversation: Matt Dunlevy - The founder and CEO of UAS survey provider SkySkopes tells us what drove him to set up the company and offer its particular combination of services
  • Focus: Video systems - While video compression technology is evolving to allow the bandwidth for high-definition footage to be further reduced, challenges such as satcom latency remain
  • Digest: Aerdron HL4 Herculift - We report on the development of this quadcopter, which has been designed to be used in various sectors as a multi-role aerial testbed for heavy payloads
  • PS: Nuclear-powered spacecraft - As the nuclear option for space travel comes back on the agenda, we consider the thermal and electric versions being proposed

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