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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 032

Highlights in this issue include an interview with Kongsberg Maritime's marine robotics manager Bjorn Gjelstad. Our dossiers detail the UAV Works VALAQ tail-sitter and the Suter Industries TOA 288 naturally aspirated two-stroke boxer engine. The focus articles look at the subjects of cable harnesses and AI systems. Our insight looks at the latest uses of USVs and we have an update from a selection of exhibitors due to be displaying at the delayed AUVSI Xponential event. Our digests feature the MARIN modular AUV and the Vtrus Autonomy Brain Implant, which fits on a variety of vehicle platforms to provide navigation in GNSS-denied environments. And also we explore the operation of the Vitirover UGV, plus we provide details of our newly launched Unmanned Systems Engineering Network.

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Unmanned Systems Technology 032 June/July 2020

  • Intro - Announcing our new, free USE Network service
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - First production car with Level 3 autonomy starts shipping, satellite positioning with six-axis IMU unveiled, researchers use a team of different vehicles to map an area of the ocean bed, and more
  • USE Network launch - Details of our initiative to provide technological solutions to the industry – the Unmanned Systems Engineering Network
  • In conversation: Bjorn Gjelstad - Kongsberg Maritime’s marine robotics manager explains how his background led to his latest work surrounding the Hugin AUV
  • Dossier: UAV Works VALAQ family - Take a flying-wing planform, use propellers to allow it to take off and land vertically without needing rotor tilting mechanisms and you get this tail-sitter with high speed and a long range
  • Focus: Cable harnesses - We explore the latest options for connecting up the burgeoning range of subsystems in unmanned vehicles
  • Insight: USVs - Development activity in the marine sector continues to grow, as this round-up of some new systems amply demonstrates
  • Show update: AUVSI Xponential 2020 - In light of this show’s delay, developers have been unveiling new products during the lockdown. Here are some highlights
  • Digest: MARIN modular AUV - We look at how this blank-sheet design is helping its Dutch research institute developers expand its autonomy testing toolbox
  • Dossier: Suter Industries TOA 288 - The design and development story behind this naturally aspirated two-stroke boxer, the first in what is set to become a family of high-end UAV engines
  • In Operation: Vitirover UGV - An object lesson in keeping it simple, with this automated grassmowing and weed-control vehicle
  • Focus: AI systems - New ways of providing AI for unmanned systems are emerging. We look at and explain the key advances
  • Digest: Vtrus Autonomy Brain Implant - The ABI is a ‘head’ that fits on different vehicle bodies to provide navigation in GNSS-denied environments. Here’s how it works
  • PS: Unmanned systems in pandemics - How do you decontaminate UAVs that are used to help stop the spread of infectious diseases? Here are some solutions

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