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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 033

Highlights in this issue include an interview with Volansi's CTO Daniel Buchmueller and an investigation of how Seafloor Systems mapped-out the 450-mile California Aqueduct. Our dossiers detail the SubSeaSail Gen6 USSV semi-submersible that has almost unlimited endurance and Strange Development's REVolution supercharged two-stroke engine with rotary exhaust valve. The focus articles dive into the subjects of servo actuators and radio telemetry. Our insight looks at the latest UAVs designed to carry heavy weight and we bring updates from a selection of exhibitors from the now virtual Farnborough Airshow. Our digest features the Transforma Robotics XDBOT designed for disinfecting hospitals and other buildings. We explore the operation of the UAV Factory Penguin C having recently been adapted to monitor the fallout from disasters at nuclear powerplants. Plus much more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 033 August/September 2020

  • Intro - Unmanned systems developers are taking the ‘Stay Safe’ Covid-19 message to heart by accelerating their test programmes
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Tether system revamped to support heavier UAVs, smallest gas flow meter unveiled, self-supervised training announced for neural networks, and more
  • In conversation: Daniel Buchmueller - UAV developer Volansi’s CTO explains how a fascination with mapping has inspired his achievements in the industry
  • Dossier: SubSeaSail Gen6 USSV - The concept and development of this semi-submersible, which has almost unlimited endurance
  • Focus: Servo actuators - Our update on some of the critical advances in actuator technology for unmanned systems over the past few years
  • Insight: UAVs - As calls grow from end-users for UAVs that can carry more weight, developers are responding with a range of designs
  • Update: Farnborough Airshow 2020 - With this year’s show now a virtual event, suppliers tell us what they would have been showcasing
  • Digest: Transforma Robotics XDBOT - The potential of unmanned systems in the fight against the pandemic is amply demonstrated by this UGV designed for disinfecting hospitals and other buildings
  • Dossier: Strange Development REVolution - A rotary exhaust valve is the key to this supercharged two-stroke’s impressive power-to-weight ratio, as its developer explains
  • In Operation: Seafloor Systems custom HydroCat-150 - How this USV has been adapted to monitor the condition of the California Aqueduct and detect any leaks along it
  • Focus: Radio telemetry - The technology to allow multiple types of data to be transmitted over a single, high-bandwidth link is now emerging. We report on some of the developments and design issues
  • In operation: UAV Factory Penguin C - Already in widespread commercial use, this UAV has recently been adapted to monitor the fallout from disasters at nuclear powerplants. Here’s how the system works
  • PS: Multi-environment vehicles - Details of new and upcoming unmanned systems that can operate underwater, on land and in the air

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