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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 040

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with The Aurora Engineering Partnership’s managing director Simon Galt and we look into the operation of the FlyingBasket FB3. Our dossier details the ANYbotics ANYmal D and our insight looks at space vehicles.  The focus articles dive into the subjects AI systems and ground control stations. Our digest articles feature the  Aquatic Drones Phoenix 5 and the Sky Eye Systems Rapier X-25 alongside a show report from AUVSI Xponential 2021 plus much more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 040 October/November 2021

  • Intro - Advances in technologies for unmanned space vehicles are feeding back into terrestrial systems, and vice versa
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Software engine for non-expert Lidar integrators, improving machine learning vision systems using ROS 2, cloud-based forecaster predicts where UAVs can fly BVLOS safely, UAV unveiled for recharging other craft in mid-air, and much more
  • In conversation: Simon Galt - The Aurora Engineering Partnership’s managing director reveals how this network of suppliers procures solutions and services to technology problems flagged up by the UK’s Ministry of Defence
  • Dossier: ANYbotics ANYmal D - The development story behind this four-legged UGV for inspecting industrial premises, whose design leans heavily on the instincts we humans use when walking
  • Focus: AI systems - We explain how machine learning is finding a growing range of uses in unmanned systems, and the benefits it brings
  • Digest: Aquatic Drones Phoenix 5 - This USV for harbour and other inshore survey missions has been designed around its intended sensor payloads. Here are the key details about its development
  • Insight: Space vehicles - As space missions become more ambitious and more frequent, new unmanned system designs are emerging to serve them. We look at some of the latest
  • Digest: Sky Eye Systems Rapier X-25 - This multi-role military/civilian UAV has an endurance and performance close to aircraft 10 times its size. Its developers tell us how they were able to achieve that
  • In operation: FlyingBasket FB3 - Spotting a niche in the UAV market was the inspiration for this octocopter, which is aimed at cargo deliveries in various kinds of challenging terrain
  • Focus: Ground control stations - GCSs are graduating from merely controlling unmanned systems to planning and monitoring their missions. We look at how cutting-edge technologies are enabling that to happen
  • Report: AUVSI Xponential 2021 - Returning as an in-person event this year generated a spate of the latest unmanned systems being displayed at the show, many of which we highlight in this extensive round-up
  • PS: Distributed propulsion in UAVs - How the synergistic benefits of this concept are opening up fresh

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