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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 042

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with the technical and operations VP of Stratospheric Platforms Kevin Bean and we investigate the operation of the Priva Kompano. Our dossiers detail the Mayflower Autonomous Ship and the Flygas Engineering GAS418S. Our digest article features the ElevonX Sierra VTOL and we have an insight into UUVs. Our focus articles cover embedded computing and electric motors, we also have a show report from Ocean Business 2021 plus much more...

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Unmanned Systems Technology 042 February/March 2022

  • Intro - The advent of ocean-going autonomous craft is bringing developments in embedded computing and safety-critical code
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - A positioning system that fuses data from a range of sensors and GNSS satellites, single-chip controller for Level 4 driverless cars, a UUV propeller that works down to 6 km, and much more
  • In conversation: Kevin Bean - The technical and operations VP of Stratospheric Platforms discusses his work on developing a high-altitude UAV to provide 3G, 4G and 5G comms to isolated regions of the planet
  • Dossier: Mayflower Autonomous Ship - It might its name with the ship that took the Pilgrim Fathers to America but this highly intelligent vessel has been designed to provide a platform for robust, long-endurance ocean research
  • Focus: Embedded computing - Safety and security standards for these systems, which ease the customisation of unmanned vehicles, are now emerging. We explain the support they give to designers
  • Digest: ElevonX Sierra VTOL - What started out as a fixed-wing UAV has evolved into this version that comes with a VTOL capability, in response to customer requests. Here’s how it was developed
  • Insight: UUVs - With climate change now near the top of humanity’s concerns, UUVs are playing a growing role in gathering data about its effects
  • Dossier: Flygas Engineering GAS418S - This gasoline UAV boxer engine comes with a gear-driven supercharger to maintain its power at up to 11,000m. The company behind it tells us how it was developed
  • Show report: Ocean Business 2021 - Our round-up of the marine systems that were on display at one of the few recent in-person exhibitions
  • Focus: Electric motors - Conventional notions of what makes an electric motor are being overturned by advances in the technology, and are leading to radical new propulsion architectures
  • In operation: Priva Kompano - Farmers around the world are grappling with the issues of crop productivity and recruiting and retaining employees, which this leaf-cutter UGV has been designed to address
  • PS: Autonomous racing - The motivation to innovate technologies for the numerous autonomous racing competitions around the world is proving to be just as strong as for IC engine and electric racing

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