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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 043

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Ray Leto the CEO of TotalSim US and we investigate the operation of Distant Imagery. Our dossiers detail the Auve Tech Iseauto and the MVVS 116. Our digest articles feature the Advanced Navigation Hydrus and Windracers ULTRA, alongside and insight into UGV’s. Our focus articles cover charging and ECUs, as well as a show report from CES 2022 plus much more….

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Unmanned Systems Technology 043 April/May 2022

  • Intro - Regulations and technology are combining to cut the costs of unmanned systems and promote their wider use
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Researchers develop a reuseable probe to gather water data near glaciers, AI system improves radar sensor performance, exoskeleton destined for lunar caves exploration, and much more
  • In conversation: Ray Leto - The CEO of TotalSim US explains how his time in motorsport drew him into providing modelling and simulation services to the world of unmanned systems
  • Dossier: Auve Tech Iseauto - Spotting a gap in the market provided the impetus for developing this optionally powered SAE Level 4 taxi for places such as campuses, hospitals and business parks
  • Focus: Charging - As the options for charging unmanned systems continue to grow, we report on which ones are best suited to different vehicles and their applications
  • Digest: Advanced Navigation Hydrus - When it comes to ocean research you can opt for a single, large UUV or a batch of low-priced small ones. This company chose the latter, and in doing so came up with a novel design
  • Insight: UGVs - Unmanned ground vehicles are turning up in all sorts of niche and ingenious applications. Here’s a selection of them
  • Dossier: MVVS 116 - We report on how this company has applied its experience of building RC aircraft engines to produce this two-stroke boxer
  • Digest: Windracers ULTRA - A heavy-lift UAV for delivering food aid over long distances needs to be robust, as do its flight control systems for BVLOS operation – issues that the team behind this craft have solved. But how?
  • Show report: CES 2022 - Finally returning as an in-person event allowed a host of developers to show off their latest wares. Here are our highlights
  • Focus: ECUs - We investigate the steps ECU developers are taking to continue supplying their products in the face of supply chain shortages
  • In operation: Distant Imagery - In a novel application for a UAS, this company is repopulating mangrove forests in the UAE. This is how the system works
  • PS: Mind-controlled UAVs - Research and prototype systems could one day allow UAV operators to control craft using little more than brain waves

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