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Unmanned Systems Technology - Issue 022

Highlights in this issue include a conversation with DroneUps' CTO John Vernona and UpVision in operation. Dossiers on the XOcean XO-450 and the BMPower fuel cell system, as well as an insight into space systems. We look at The Small Robot Company and the Prismatic HALE UAV. A show report from InterDrone 2018 as well as focus articles covering radar systems and navigation systems. 

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Unmanned Systems Technology - October/November 2018

  • Intro - In reporting about developments in autonomous systems, we need to remember the business models that underpin them 
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - Cargo UAV for long-distance freight transport, open-source inertial navigation stack, self-righting surface vessel, metal 3D printer far outstrips productivity of its competitors, and more 
  • In conversation: John Vernon - DroneUp’s CTO explains the development path behind the company’s app-based UAV services system 
  • Dossier: XOcean XO-450 - How a ‘data as a service’ concept for maritime customers informed the design of this hybrid USV 
  • Focus: Radar systems - New radar technologies are allowing sense-and-avoid systems to be used on a growing range of unmanned platforms 
  • Insight: Space systems - New technologies are opening launch windows for some ambitious unmanned projects around the Solar System 
  • Digest: The Small Robot Company - Details of this company’s precision agriculture systems and its fresh take on the model of delivery 
  • Dossier: BMPower fuel cell system - Need to extend the flight time of an electric UAV? This could be just the thing you’re looking for 
  • Digest: Prismatic HALE UAV - How the prototype of this craft became a product in its own right 
  • Show report: InterDrone 2018 - Details of some of the new products unveiled this prestigious North American UAV exhibition 
  • In operation: UpVision - The story behind mapping the largest copper mine in Asia 
  • Focus: Navigation systems - We examine how new GNSS receiver technologies are rising to the challenge of providing more accurate navigation 
  • PS: UAVs and blockchain - Bitcoin cryptography looks set to be used to secure data comms

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