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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 003

This issue contains an insight into supercapacitors and a show report from Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Europe 19. Dossiers on the John Deere 944K Hybrid Loader and the Protean PD18. We look at the E-Kotug as well as focus articles covering axial flux motors and cable.

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E-Mobility Engineering is the communications hub of the electrified powertrain. It looks in-depth at the engineering behind the electric and hybrid vehicle industry, providing concise coverage of the array of engineering challenges found in this fast-growing market.

The content is written by engineers, for engineers, with the aim being to supply those working in all sectors with the information and inspiration they need, keeping them fully abreast of the latest technological developments.

In the same way as Race Engine Technology provides for racing powertrain engineers, and Unmanned Systems Technology for unmanned vehicle engineers, this new launch is the magazine for electric and hybrid powertrain engineers.

Contents include:

  • Intro - The advent of hydrogen power for e-buses is just one example of developments gathering pace in this sector 

  • The Grid - Lilium’s five-seat electric aircraft makes its maiden flight, Bosch to start producing hydrogen fuel cells in volume, Technotrans unveils CAN-based battery cooling module, and more 

  • Dossier: John Deere 944K Hybrid Loader - This diesel-electric bulk material mover is the first in its class to become commercially available – here’s how it was developed 
  • Focus: Axial flux motors - Although they offer advantages over radial types in EV design, these motors also come with challenges, as we explain 
  • Insight: Supercapacitors - The technology behind these devices is now at the point where they are a match for batteries in some applications. Here are the latest developments 
  • Dossier: Protean PD18 - This in-wheel motor is designed to be retrofitted to existing vehicles. We report on how the company achieved that 
  • In operation: E-Kotug - Producing this hybrid version of an existing tugboat has enabled its developer to cut long-term maintenance costs 
  • Show report: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Europe 2019 - Our pick of the key product launches at this recent show in Germany 
  • Focus: Cables - Producing cables for EVs is a surprisingly complex process, as we show by examining the factors involved 
  • PS: How clean are EVs? - The eco-credentials of EVs depend on how cleanly their source electricity is produced – and that depends on energy policy at different levels

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