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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 006

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the BB Green ferry, a look into the challenge of power and torque density as well as focuses on magnetics and e-axles. We have a deep insight into welding, have the second installment of our report into The Battery Show and take a look at the operation of the Lightning Systems LCF truck.

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  • Intro - The e-mobility sector is not only promoting the transfer of technology from other industries, it is spurring the development of new ones
  • The Grid - Latest e-bike design comes from Yatri in Nepal, Fleetonomy unveils end-to-end car fleet monitor, Porsche develops EV control system for winter roads, and much more...
  • Dossier: BB Green ferry - Getting to and from work should soon become a lot more pleasant for some, thanks to the development of this vessel
  • Focus: Magnetics - We explain how to choose the materials and control techniques for the magnetic elements of electric motors
  • In operation: Lightning Systems LCF truck - This US company has taken a conventional truck and converted it to all-electric. Here’s how it’s used
  • Deep insight: Welding - We chart a path through the various ways to weld up battery cells to form complete packs
  • Report: The Battery Show 2019 Part 2 - There was so much of interest at this show that we couldn’t let it pass without pointing out some further product highlights
  • Challenge of: Power and torque density - The choice between axial and radial flux motors is not as simple as you might think, as a group of experts explain
  • Focus: E-axles - Tier 1 suppliers give their views on the contemporary factors in e-axle design and point to some future trends
  • PS: Superconducting aircraft motors - Details of a project to develop the first electric motor to rival gas turbine engines

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