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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 008

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Liebherr ETM Series all-electric cement mixer, a conversation with Thierry Caussat the CTO of VIA Motors and a digest on the Workhorse Group C-Series delivery trucks. We have focuses on battery materials, thermal management and DC-DC converters. We have a deep insight into battery testing and much more...

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  • Intro - A second wave of advances in the next 12 months or so will have a dramatic effect on the landscape of the EV market
  • The Grid - Manufacturing giant announces open platform for EVs, electric ferry fleet close to roll-out, nanotube composite boosts copper’s current-carrying capacity, and much more...
  • In conversation: Thierry Caussat - The CTO of VIA Motors explains how he became steeped in developing control systems for hybrid and electric trucks
  • Dossier: Liebherr ETM Series - Specialised vehicles such as these all-electric cement mixers, need specialised development, as we explain here
  • Focus: Battery materials - Improved cell materials are boosting battery energy densities – we look at some of the front-runners
  • Digest: Workhorse Group C-Series - How designing these delivery trucks from scratch has brought advantages over their ICE-powered counterparts
  • Deep insight: Battery testing - We explain the key role that test systems play in speeding up battery development
  • Focus: Thermal management - The methods and materials for keeping batteries and other components at their optimum temperatures
  • Focus: DC-DC converters - Details of the technology behind these essential switching devices
  • PS: Battery reuse and recycling - The need – and scope – for a circular economy to deal with spent EV batteries

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