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E-Mobility Engineering - Issue 021

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Nybolt EV and we have a conversation with Marko Lehtimaki, Verge Motorcycles’ CTO. Our deep insight delves into electric motors for aircraft and our digest article investigates the Dieseko. Our focus articles cover busbars, interconnects and battery as well as an insight into battery welding plus much more...

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E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING 021 – September/October 2023

  • Intro - End-to-end design is proving its worth in the development of electric aircraft powertrains and fast-charging battery EVs
  • The Grid - Yamaichi Electronics unveils board-to-cable system with Connector Protection Assurance, Samsung develops graphene-free liquid cooling, BMW and Airbus team up with Quantinuum to improve fuel cell designs, and much more...
  • In Conversation: Marko Lehtimaki - Verge Motorcycles’ CTO explains why he sees rider comfort as the most important factor in developing e-bikes
  • Dossier: Nyobolt EV - Put a new type of fast-charging battery in a sportscar to demonstrate its capabilities to OEMs and users, and you get this version of the Lotus Elise
  • Focus: Battery - surface analysis Better cell designs are beginning to emerge thanks to the growing range of techniques for analysing battery surface materials
  • Insight: Battery welding - How advances in the EV battery industry are being tracked by developments in methods of welding their components together
  • Digest: Dieseko - Woltman pile driller/driver We report on what went into converting this rig from diesel to zero-emissions power
  • Deep insight: Electric motors for aircraft - Industry insiders tell us that while motor technologies for e-aircraft are in place, certification is another issue
  • Focus: Busbars and interconnects - The challenges of developing these systems in the face of rising EV battery voltages and their mass production
  • PS: Submarine lessons for battery EV fire safety - How the closed environment of a submarine provides a fresh approach to improving the safety of EV batteries

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