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Race Engine Technology - Issue 005

Highlights in this issue include Special Investigations into a Ford Super 1600 rally engine and a Subaru World Rally Boxer engine plus a Focus article on Advanced Engine Bearings. 

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Issue 5 - Summer 2004

  • Special Investigation: SUBARU RALLY ENGINE - Developing a World Rally Car power plant
  • Insight: ADVANCED ENGINE BEARINGS - Revolutionary powertrain technology
  • Insight: 4stHEAD SOFTWARE - Evaluating a cylinder head design tool
  • Short Take: EMCO TIMING DRIVE - Cushioning for gear drives
  • Insight: DIESEL ENGINES FOR LE MANS - Future possibilities including a new V10
  • Special Investigation: FORD RALLY ENGINE - Secrets of a cost-conscious Super 1600 unit
  • Insight: AP FORMULA ONE CLUTCH - How the clutch has shrunk and shrunk…
  • Production Engine: CHRYSLER HEMI - The background to a reborn performance V8

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