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Race Engine Technology - Issue 012

Highlights of this issue include Insights into Smart Fire Ignition, long life F1 engines and FSAE engine development plus Part 3B of a Special Investigation into Valvetrain Design. 

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Issue 12 - January/February 2006

  • In Conversation: ROB WHITE - Talking to the Technical Director responsible for Renault’s 2005 World Championship winning V10
  • Insight: SMART FIRE IGNITION - How an ignition system can actually read conditions within the combustion chamber
  • Insight: LONG LIFE F1 ENGINES - We look at how three of the best V10s were developed to last two full weekends of racing
  • Report: VALVETRAIN DESIGN PART 3B - Our continuing insight into valvetrain design looks at the tricky case of the pushrod system
  • Insight: ENGINE SEALS - No racing engine can function without seals – we investigate the best technology
  • Insight: FSAE ENGINE DEVELOPMENT - Cornell University has one of the top Formula SAE teams – this is its approach to the powertrain
  • Tribute: KEITH DUCKWORTH - Acknowledging the passing of a genius
  • Time Machine: MOTORI MODERNI V6 - The editor recalls Carlo Chiti’s F1 turbo
  • Book Review: THE V12 ENGINE - A complete history of V12s on road and track
  • PS: FUEL FLOW METER - Equalising alternative fuels

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