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Race Engine Technology - Issue 022

Highlights of this issue include a Profile of Panoz' Le Mans Ford V8, an Insight into NASCAR Friction Reduction and a Focus article covering Fluid System Pumps. 

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Issue 22 - May 2007

  • Insight: F1 ENGINE FUTURE - New rules, new engines to come
  • Profile: PANOZ LE MANS V8 - Inside the Ford Modular-based 2006 GT2 winner
  • Preview: LE MANS 2007 - Has gasoline a hope as Peugeot joins the diesel ranks?
  • Motorcycle: APRILIA 250 - Is this the last hurrah for the racing two-stroke?
  • Short take: ABB TORDUCTOR - Advanced non-contact torque sensing
  • Focus: FLUID SYSTEM PUMPS - How the suppliers view current and future tech
  • Short Take: EXHAUST DESIGN - How to maximise engine performance
  • Insight: NASCAR FRICTION - How Evernham Engines loses to win
  • Supply Chain: HASSELGREN - How the renowned specialist works with its suppliers
  • GRID - The Race Engine Technology world
  • EXPO - News from suppliers to race engine builders
  • IRED: Funny Car - The NHRA engine builders
  • PS - McLaren-Honda turbo

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